Filter CAN366bft
Material Steel
Carbon Pelletized
Length 66 cm
Weight 21 kg
Weight Carbon 12 kg
Diameter 30 cm
Carbon Bed 5 cm
Capacity Technical 750 m3
Capacity Practical 700 m3
Flange 200/160/150
Pallet 20 (2x10)
Combi Fans Max-Fan 150L/780(3), Max-Fan 160L/820(3), Can-Fan RK150L/760, RK160L/780, RK200/820, RK250/830, RKW150L/810, RKW160L/820, RKW200/820, RKW250/830, RK150LS/810, RK160LS/820, RK200S/820, RK250S/830, RS160L/690, RS200/810, ISOTX200E2 10/735
Click here for a graph of the pressure drop of this filter
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