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Quality since 1987

Can-Filters was founded in 1987 and never stood still ever since. We operate in a market where technology, product reliability and high expectations keep us on our toes and give us a chance to distinguish ourselves. What ever the question is Can-Filters has the answer.

Central Location in Europe

Can-Filters proudly exports its products in over 30 countries. We distribute everything from our production facility and warehouse only a stone throw away from the harbor of Rotterdam. This strategic position makes it possible to guarantee strict deliveries in time and at the agreed location. Time and time again.

Top notch R&D

Can-filters is constantly developing new technical solutions. If the market moves in to a certain direction we move along with it. When the technology develops we develop along with it. At Can-Filters we always believe things can be better; our production line, development, delivery and the way we do things... YES, WE CAN!!!

Reliable partner

Can-Filters delivers. Our logistics system is completely focused on delivering our products on time. We take every order serious, Small and Big, structured and fast. And if you need any assistance our service desk is ready for you.

Innovation is in our DNA

Can-Filters finds the best solution for every question. We distinguish ourselves with fitting logistical solutions and our high quality products. From the best quality Carbon to our multi layered pre-filters and our completely automated production line to the sophisticated logistics system. In the past, now and in the future!


The Can-Fan Satellite is a perfect example of being forward thinking and innovative. Consumers want as much control over their fans and (air)filters as possible; controlling the full 0 – 100% spectrum, without limitations. Custom made. That makes the satellite the next step forward; the first transformer which connects an EC controller with an AC-Fan.

Market leader for a reason

Can-Filters is the market leader. A matter of delivering on our promises. But also a matter of market knowledge and acting on it. That makes Can-Filters an equation of innovative DNA, the power to think ahead and knowing that there’s always room for improvement.


Can-Filters is REACH compliant. REACH is an important European regulation for the registration of certain chemicals that Can-Filters imports for the production and distribution of (air)filters. With this registration, Can-Filters indicates if certain materials are harmful and how they should be handled.


Good to know; every fan from Can-Fan is ERP approved. ERP is an European quality label and indicates the efficiency of a fan based on its energy consumption and efficienty. This quality label is mandatory within European member states.

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