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German Solidity

Can-Filters is the exclusive dealer of a German Fan Manufacturer. Can Filters offers these top-quality German Fans under the name Can-Fan. Like the Can-Filters, Can-Fan also offers a wide range of Fans. Therefore you can count on a wide range of reliable and high quality Fans according the highest standards in the market.

Pressure drop. Pressure what?

Every Fan has a certain amount of airflow capacity which is always measured in free air. As soon as a Filter is mounted on the Fan resistance will occur which causes pressure drop, meaning the difference between the air movement of a fan measured in free air and air movement of a Fan measured under Pressure. Basically the lesser the pressure drop, the better. EC-Fans by definition have a lower pressure drop than AC Fans, which means they are even more efficient.

ERP- Approved

Even our most simple Fans are ERP approved. ERP is a European standard which demands a certain efficiency level based on the amount of electricity usage. Every fan sold in the EU needs to qualify for this standard.

Rotor-Stator; simple principle, impressive results

All Max models are build with the rotor-stator principle. This patented 3D rotor-statorsysytem exists of 2 propellers. 1 rotates and 1 is anchored. This efficient combination guarantees a powerful unified Jetstream.

The Max-Fans

- All build according to the rotor-stator
- High effiency due to low pressure drop
- Low energy use
- Innovative solutions
- ERP-Approved

Innovation never stops!

Always thinking ahead is our second nature. The Q-max EC and the Max-Fan pro series EC for example, are the Fans of the future, with the highest efficiency even at a lower speed. Economical in use, generous in performance.

Nice and Quiet... Iso-Max

A unique integration of a Fan inside a Silencer. The steel casing of the Iso-Max is very well insulated with a special acoustic foam. Result: a very silent Fan, because of the combination of high quality insulation and low turbulence air movement.

Thermal Cutoff switch

All fans are equipped with a built-in Thermal Cutoff switch; if it gets too hot inside of the fan, it will switch off automatically. The Thermal Cutoff switch thus prevents a fire hazard. After a cooling period of approximately 30 minutes, the fan will start again automatically. You don't have to worry about it.

An investment that pays for itself

The motors of the Q-Max EC and the Max-Fan Pro Series EC do not use carbon brushes and operate continuously. And not unimportant; EC technology is no longer amperage bound which allows you to use one EC Controller on up to ten Qmax EC or Max Fan Pro Series EC. In short, an investment that certainly pays off.


Our air filters and fans are supplied complete as standard. We offer a wide range of accessories for specific requirements. In this way you prepare your air filter completely for your situation and application.