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Can-Fan RKW 100L/270
2.5 kg
100 mm
270 m3/h
0.3 A
56 W
Integrated temperature controller
Can-Fan RKW 100L/270
Preferred filters

Do not use external fan controller.

Can-Fan RKW plastic tube fan is a temperature controlled backward centrifugal extractor, using a resistant plastic housing. The fan is equipped with an integrated electronic control of the airflow, according to the temperature of the extract air. Once the temperature is set using the rotating switch, the sensor that is located inside the fan, will determine the motor to increase the speed if the extract air temperature is above the selected one with 1°C, and to decrease the speed if the temperature drops below the selected one with 1°C. Speed control is achieved by winding taps, therefor causing no noise.

The Swiss made motor inside the Can-Fan RKW has an integrated thermal switch that will turn the motor off, if the working temperature reaches a dangerous level.

For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Can-Fan RKW together with Can Filters.