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Q-Max Con 160/560
7 kg
200 mm
560 m3/h
0.3 A
47 W
Integrated speed switch
3 speeds
Speeds (m3/h)
460 / 510 / 560
Q-Max Con 160/560
Preferred filters


Q-Max controllable is equipped with a Jack connection making it possible to connect the LCD EC fan controller and have complete control of your environment.

Using the 3D rotor-stator system, we offer not only a more silent and efficient fan, but also one that is controllable with an external fan controller. This version is more versatile, as you can still opt for only speed control, using the speed switch integrated, or connect the LCD EC fan controller for full control (temperature, humidity, min and max speed, night and day sensor, etc). In this case the speed switch becomes inactive, transferring the control to the LCD EC controller.

The controller will automatically switch between the 3 speed of the motor to control your fan/respectively fans.

You can control your fan/ fans as intake or outtake, up to ten Q-Max controllable are possible using one LCD EC fan controller.

The entire range meets the mandatory ErP requirements for all EU marketed fans.

For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Q-Max Controllable together with Can Filters.