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The next level of fan controlling

With the first ever fan speed controller 100% compatible with Iso-Max 1 speed, you can control your one speed fan and other fans without any humming or vibration.

The Can-Fan Satellite

The Satellite 4A uses a tailor made 4A transformer that will control one or two Iso-Max 1 speed as exhaust air fans or one for exhaust air and the other for intake air. The Satellite 4A is also equipped with a jack connection that makes it possible to connect our popular Can Fan LCD EC fan controller making its 13 control functions also available for Iso-Max.

The benefits

  • Plug and play
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 100% compatible with Iso-Max and Max Fan 1 speed
  • Noiseless speed control
  • Full control in combination with EC Fan Controller
  1. Jack Connection for connecting the Can Fan LCD EC fan controller
  2. LED’s 6 steps
  3. Fuse
  4. Dial- manual speed setting and other settings
  5. Stand-by- off setting
  6. Auto-EC- setting position needed for when the Can Fan LCD EC controller is connected
  7. ON/OFF power button
  8. Power cable 230V/ 50Hz
  9. Intake fan socket
  10. Outtake fan socket

Our controller solution for Isomax and Max Fan 1 speed

Can-Fan has developed the Can-Fan Satellite. An innovative 6-step transformer which allows you among other things to control the popular ISO Max fans (AC-device: models 250, 315 and 355).

Are you only using the Can-Fan Satellite with above mentioned ISO Max or Max Fan 1 speed models? Then you’ve got yourself a speed controller; you control the speed upwards or downwards. For optimal ease of use you can connect the LCD EC Fan controller to the Can-Fan Satellite. This way you get the full functionality of the Can Fan LCD EC Fan controller.

With the Can-Fan Satellite and the Can-Fan EC Controller you can control the models below

Iso-Max 250/1480 max. 2 units
Iso-Max 250/2310 max. 2 units
Iso-Max 315/ 2380 max. 2 units
Iso-Max 315/3260 max. 2 units
Iso-Max 355/4800 max. 1 unit

Max Fan 250/1625 max. 2 units
Max Fan 250/1740 max. 2 units
Max Fan 280/2360 max. 2 units
Max Fan 315/2360 max. 2 units
Max Fan 315/3510 max. 2 units
Max Fan 355/2580 max. 2 units
Max Fan 355/4990 max. 1 unit