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100% Dutch design

We are Dutch, we live below the sea level. That’s why our engineers had to be creative and resourceful for centuries. Whether it’s building flood defences or designing a filter, our engineers will find the best solution for every problem.

Yes you can

Can-Filters started with Can-Original and – after 30 years – is still going strong… Can-Filters has been developing, testing, producing and improving Activated Carbon filters for over 30 years. Craftsmanship from the Netherlands. Our three filter ranges – Can-Original, Can-Lite and 38 Special – in combination with one of our high-end fans, create a solution for every application.

Think outside the filter

Our job already starts outside the filter. That’s why we cover our filters with a premium 25-layer pre-filter. This increases the lifespan of the carbon.

Double the fun

An In-Line filter can be mounted anywhere in your extraction system. This opens up the possibility to double filtrate the air or to place the In-Line Filter outside your set up if you don’t have sufficient space.

The sound of silence

Enjoy the sound of silence with one of our silencers. Specifically designed by us to reduce the sound of the airflow.

The best airflow

Our product developers have found the right balance between openness of the mesh and the carbon particles. That’s why our filters outperform any other brand on the market.

Light and Heavyweight champion

For a Can-Filter, size doesn’t matter. Even our smallest filter is a champion in its own class. Filled with the best carbon and provided with a premium pre-filter, even our smallest filter can compete with any other competitor.

Proven reliability

You’re looking for one or more filters which are reliable, long-lasting and without fuss. The filters and fans from Can-Filters and Can-Fan are proven reliable. You don’t become Market leader for no reason! Our filter ranges have a lifespan of a minimum of 18 months up to 30 months. By cleverly varying between heavy and light carbon, carbon bed thickness , in combination with the right fan, there’s always a filter that suits your needs.